George Jeanes 

Descendant of:
11 Richard Gillingham 
10 Nicholas Gillingham 
9 Nicholas Gillingham 
8 Nicholas Gillingham 
7 Richard Gillingham 
6 Nicholas Gillingham 
5 John Gillingham 
4 William Gillingham 
3 William Gillingham 
2 Eliza Gillingham 
1 Jemima Gillingham Picture with This Person

Personal Data:
Item Date Place/Description
Birth 1859 Holwell Dorset

Parent Name
Father John Jeanes Picture with This Person
Mother Jemima Gillingham Picture with This Person


1. Mary 
Event/Description Date Place/Status
Son: Sydney Jeanes  Born: 1883
Son: Charles Jeanes  Born: 1886
Daughter: Kate Jeanes  Born: 1889
Daughter: Florence Jeanes  Born: 1892
Son: Wilfred Jeanes  Born: 1895
Daughter: Beatrice Jeanes  Born: 1897