Charles Henry Hector Beams Picture with This Person

Descendant of:
7 John Crane 
6 Samual Crane 
5 John Crane 
4 John Crane 
3 John Crane 
2 Edward Hooper Crane 
1 Maria Crane 

Personal Data:
Item Date Place/Description
Birth 9 Oct 1892 1Eliza Place Forton Gosport Hants
Death 19 Apr 1917 Arras France (WW1)

Parent Name
Father Joseph Beams 
Mother Maria Crane 


1. Violet Kathleen Short List of Pictures with This Person
Event/Description Date Place/Status
Marriage 11 Nov 1913 Registry Office Amesbury Wilts.
Son: Hubert Arthur Hector Beams List of Pictures with This Person Born: 28 Feb 1914
Son: Wesley George Keith Beams Picture with This Person Born: 26 Jan 1916