George Henry Bell Picture with This Person

Descendant of:
2 Adam Bell 
1 Adam Alexander Bell 

Personal Data:
Item Date Place/Description
Birth 21 Apr 1878 46 Thames Sreet Greenwich
Death 11 Sep 1940 Air raid shelter Lewisham

Parent Name
Father Adam Alexander Bell 
Mother Sophia Matilda Humphreys 


1. Gertrude Maude Lutman Picture with This Person
Event/Description Date Place/Status
Marriage 20 Dec 1913 St. Marks Lewisham
Daughter: Marjorie Joan Bell List of Pictures with This Person Born: 9 Dec 1918
Daughter: Alma Sylvia Bell  Born: 11 Dec 1916

2. Louise 
Event/Description Date Place/Status
Daughter: Doris Bell  Born: 1900